Important things you should consider before buying & Brush cutter machine. 


What should you consider while buying a brush cutter which is also called paddy cutter, crop cutter, Reaper, etc :-

1.Engine Type 


Brush cutter comes popularly in 2 engine variants of  Petrol, Electric. Petrol engine brush cutters come is either 2 stroke or 4 stroke engine. 2 stroke engine brush cutters are more powerful compared to 4 stroke brush cutters, but 4 stroke machines are more fuel efficient and require less maintenance. For beginners it’s better to go for 4 stroke brush cutters. Professional operators however prefer 2 stroke models owing to the engine power.  For crop cutting 2 stroke machine can work smoothly considering the powerful engine & for normal grass trimming 4 stroke engines can be considered. 



There are a wide range of Brush cutters available from brands like HONDA, OLEOMAC, KASEI, HUSQVARNA, STIHL, KISANKRAFT, AGRIMATE and several other imported brands. Honda brush cutters are robust , Kasei has been manufacturing the latest designs of Brush cutters that come with various attachments and a ‘zero’ vibration feature. Husqvarna,OleoMac & STIHL brush cutters are sturdy and built to last extreme conditions. Kisankraft & other imported brush cutters are however the economical range of machines. The brand selection should be done very carefully keeping the usage in mind. In most case imported & economical brush cutters do the job well. However if there’s a heavy duty use of the product we would recommend using OleoMac, Husqvarna & Honda models.